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Greetings and welcome to my revamped website of blog essays.

    I've been a San Diego resident since 1970 and was a member of the San Diego City Schools Board of Education during the turbulent "reform" years of 1996-2004. During that period I developed an independent internet website to express my views about public education in our city.

    Now I'm a recovering politician (please note and be glad that there are no big buyouts or public pensions for former school board members!) and have returned to the rank of citizen and voter. But I'm keeping the website in order to comment on interesting issues, including but not limited to public education. You can read these essays by clicking a button below.

    To look at the old website with biography and school issues from 2000-2002, click here.

    Thanks for visiting. I hope you will be in touch anytime the spirit moves you:


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